Where your exclusive travel dreams come true!

Exposure Expeditions find the best locations to fulfill your most vivid travel experiences. Nature lovers, adventure seekers, underwater photographers and passionate divers all join our trips to get the most out of your their dream trips and to get a fair chance to take their best best image ever!

All trips are led by a photographic professional helping you to develop your UW photography on the trip. You will be offered a number of presentations about photography and the wildlife that you are about to experience.

We are always looking for special targets, unique environments and natural events that most passionate divers and UW photographers only dream about. Stop dreaming and join our fantastic and fun expeditions!

Please browse our expedition books from our successful expeditions to the world’s most divine dive locations. As an Exposure Expedition participant you will have the chance to participate in an exclusive expedition book as a personal memory.

More info on future expeditions on www.exposureexpeditions.com

We look forward to see you in the future!

Magnus Lundgren
Founder & Underwater Photographer

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